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We are a Ballroom and Latin American dance school resident in Basingtoke (Hampshire) and Camberley (Surrey) offering dance classes from Beginners to Advanced, Children to Adults, Social Dancing, Private Lessons.


Our school is affilliated with the prestigous ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing​and twice a year we offer you the opportunity to take medal exams.  If you would like to take your dancing even further you can compete with us at the ISTD Medallist Competitions and also Pro-Am Championships.


Managed by two very experienced professionals, Freedom 2 Dance is simply the best choice for Ballroom Dancing in Hampshire.

The Principal Teachers


Jonathan started dancing before he could walk.  With +30 years of dancing experience he knows every corner of his business.​


While a Junior, Amateur and Professional, Jonathan has competed in Ballroom and Latin-American styles with different partnerships and has won many titles in the UK and abroad.


After taking his professional qualifications within the ISTD, Jonathan has been enjoying a very successful career as a teacher. 

Jonathan has also an eye and talent for dance couture and our students have the previledge to get costume made dresses ​whose standard are very well known in the competitive field.  Check out our Freedom 2 Dance Design brand.


​Qualified with both the ISTD and the IDTA,  Sergio has extensive experience working with people from all backgrounds.

In 2008 he decided to move to the UK to pursue his competitive career and become a full-time dance professional and teacher. His focus is on great technique, emotional connection with the music and of course have fun along the way. 

Sergio is currently in California, USA studying American Smooth and American Rhythm and will occasionally visit the studio for some coaching.

Together they competed not only in Same-Sex events but were also the first and only all-male couple to participate in Professional events, challenging the notion that a couple needs to be consistent by a male and a female.


As they explored the dynamics of leading and following, it felt only right to move on to the Professional field together, where they had competed for so many years.  After all, if our society has developed to accept all sorts of partnerships why should in dancing be any different? 

They have enjoyed competing together at the most prestigious events in the UK, including the British Open  that every year summons thousands of dancers across the world.

Footage from a fan at the British Open 2012.

(We do not own copyrights for the music or video)


Marcus started dancing at age 11 in a sequence formation team then progressing into sequence competitions and becoming modern sequence British champion at age 19.


He then furthered his career into the International Ballroom competitive world and together with his current partner Tanya then managed to achieve the top 24 in the world at Blackpool Dance Festival and they are also finalists at the Rising Star Ballroom at the prestigious UK Open (Bournemouth, 2018).

Tanya started dancing at age 4 back in Ukraine, her home country.

She speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and also English. She decided to start dancing when she saw the way her teacher moved his hips!


With her current partner - Marcus - she is achieving much success on the International Ballroom world both in the UK and allover the world.

Tanya is ahead of the children's class and all parents love her teaching style and the discipline and respect she gets from all the kids.




Betina has been dancing since the age of two, starting with ballet, tap and modern. These disciplines gave her great fundamentals for the International Ballroom and Latin styles, which she started when she was just 8 years old.


She joined a performing arts school when she was 14 which broadened her skills in different styles of dance which made her more fall in love with musical theatre.


Her biggest passion, however, has been in Ballroom dancing and together with her my current partner, Vadym, they have achieved in only 5 years some amazing results:

Vice-Champion of the British Closed Championships,


Vice-Champion of the UK Open Rising Star Championships,


Semifinalist at the World Championships in Disneyland Paris.

Dance Couture

As a student at Freedom 2 Dance, you have the opportunity to have a special made to measure bespoke dress to complete your look on the competition floor!


Jonathan has created many Ballroom and Latin dresses and the quality of his work is well known within the dance community.


​For more information on products and prices please contact us.

'All the dresses are made to your preference and budget, using top quality materials from DSI' (dress maker to Strictly Come Dancing!).

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